Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Sweet Smelling Home?!?

Our beautiful homestead was built well over 100 years ago. It sits about 50 meters away from the Black River (part of Lake Ontario). Rightfully so, our little house used to be the boat house where people would go in order to get from Pillar Point (our side of the river) to Sackets Harbor (directly across the river). Later, our house evolved into a post office and eventually Bill and Susan bought this house and renovated it. The stairways are narrow, as are the stairs. The ceilings are uneven and depending on the temperature outside, our floors create hills and pot holes in the most random places. Wasps weasel their way into our bedroom every single day, as do flies, spiders and lady bugs! The majority of our doors are fit for people under five-feet tall. This is obviously a problem when your husband is 6’3. Hence the hole in one of the closet doors…Bryan smacked his head so hard on the door frame walking into our bedroom that he ended up with a gash on the top of his forehead. To make the pain go away, he did the man thing and punched the closet door. A normal closet door would undoubtedly withstand the blow. However, when your closet door is thinner than cardboard, a punch tends to go right through (Sorry Bill, we will take care of that)!

As for the aroma of our house, you know the distinct smell that separates one home from the next? The one that reminds you of apple pie on Christmas, fresh flowers in the Spring, or scented candles to keep everyone cozy? Well, we don’t exactly have that. Our water comes from a well. That water comes from the lake. When fish and other creatures die in that lake they give off a sulfuric scent. Every time we turn on the water, we are blasted with the smell of rotten eggs. Luckily, the potent smell evaporates into the air after a few minutes. That’s not to say that the rotten egg smell does not linger however, it just isn’t as strong. So, Beware of: flushing the toilet, washing your hands, doing laundry, starting the dishwasher, SHOWERING, and brushing your teeth. And for all of you who have a house that smells like home, count your blessings, light your candles, bake your pies and enjoy not having an egg scented house.

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