Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eh, will I ever smell normal again?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Bryan spends a minimum of 12 hours at work on a daily basis. He continually avoids showering here and freezing here. This brings us to the day that our landlord tried fixing our water, once again. God bless him for all the money and effort he has put into trying to fix the sulfur smell. We really do have the most amazing landlords ever (they actually gave us a wedding present…whose landlords do that)? Anyways, the water guy came out and put bleach in our water in an attempt to get rid of the smell. Problem number one: He told me not to wash me clothes for a few days because of the amount of bleach in the water. Why I thought it was ok to wash my body in the same water the next day still boggles my mind. I came out reeking of a freshly chlorinated swimming pool. And in case you have never been to a swimming pool, the smell lingers for hours, or until you take a shower in fresh water. Which is clearly impossible to do at La Casa de Dexter. Problem number two: The bleach definitely got rid of the sulfur smell for a few days, but then we obviously had the smell of bleach in our water. I have come to the conclusion that our water will never smell normal, and I may never smell normal, and I will never take for granted fresh, clean water ever again. Oh, and that water bottles are undoubtedly put on a pedestal in our house hold.

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