Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bills, bills, bills

Oh the joy of being married! You get to do everything together. We make breakfast together, we eat dinner together, we play Wii together, we have Nerf gun fights together, we read together, and we pay bills together. There are some things people tell you about marriage, like how great it is to live with your best friend and all of the vacations and hikes and bike rides you can go on together. Though they occasionally mention that yes there will be fights (but what’s new, those happen before your married too), they somehow forget to mention that gut wrenching, twisted knot in your stomach feeling that you get when you open your first EXTREMELY expensive bill. That was a happy moment in our marriage! For the Time Warner lady on the other end of the phone, well, we either made her bad day worse, or made her good day bad. The anger and frustration that came from both Bryan and I was settled by giving the poor lady the Cercy wrath. At least we didn’t take it out on each other?! Upon receiving our $1200 electric bill, we decided that in order to save money when it came to heating our ice box, we would invest in a space heater. It was like a miniature fireplace that lit the family room (because now lights are only on when they absolutely need to be). This happy little heat emitter was wonderful, until we received our next bill. So we shaved about $300 off from the last bill, but our decrease in electricity did not come with a complimentary decrease in our new bill. Apparently, space heaters can make your bill sky rocket, obviously. So note to self, God gave us sticks and matches to make fires. Oh yeah, that’s right though. We have a propane fireplace and the people who install it stop installing in the beginning of December, and don’t start up again until after winter. That’s great isn’t it?! Sooo back to my Snuggie. Can I just express again how grateful I am for my Snuggie? The thermometer remains around 50 degrees, the space heater is off, and as if Bryan and I didn’t cuddle enough before, we are now permanently attached to each other’s hips. Well, at least until the next bill comes. We might need some distance upon opening the envelope.

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