Saturday, May 22, 2010


Carrie Underwood-"Change"

“Your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world. Don't listen to them when they say, ‘your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world.’”

The other night I was chatting with Bryan on the phone having the typical, “how are you doing, what have you been up to,” conversation when I threw in the repetitive, “what else can we send you? Friends and family have been asking me what you need and want in care packages and I’m running out of ideas.” His response was just that. He had pretty much everything he needed for the time being. It then occurred to me that there were soldiers over there who hadn’t even received a single letter. Both of us are so blessed to have such caring families (and huge ones as well) that providing care package items has been simple and abundant. Some soldiers on the other hand, do not have families with the funds to provide such wonderful care packages on a weekly basis, and even worse, some do not even have families…

I then decided that I would compile a list of names of the soldiers who may not be receiving an abundance of packages and letters from home and I would figure out a way to make sure that they know we all love and support them back home. I called up a few local news stations and was immediately contacted by a wonderful woman named Lainey. She graciously offered to support Bryan’s unit (and specifically some of our special soldiers) in sending them care packages and letters. Their website is and I am truly grateful to be a part of this remarkable opportunity.

“The smallest thing can make all the difference…”
It’s incredible how supportive some people are and I again have to thank God for all of the blessings He has given us. He has been an amazing provider and the outpouring of love from people I don’t even know continues to leave me in awe. He is GOOD!

And on that note, let me update you with how the Lord is providing in Afghanistan:

Our soldiers are preparing to build a school in the Baghlan Province. In addition, Bryan also informed me that they are putting in a well in Baghlan. As of right now, the civilians of Baghlan get their water from the Baghlan River. This river is brown and is used as a toilet, bath tub, and main source of drinking water. Bryan said that the locals would scoop out a handful of water, sift the dirt and muck out through their fingers, wait for it to settle, and then drink the top layer. To those of us who are fortunate enough to live in America, that is repulsive. To the locals in Baghlan, that is life. Though some do not believe in the war and do not support our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children being over there, God has found a way to show Himself amidst the blood, guts, and gunfire. All combat aside, the children of Baghlan would not be provided with a school to learn in had our troops not been sent over there. Baghlan residents would be drinking unsanitary water for many more years had our soldiers not been there to provide a fresh water well for them. “The smallest thing can make all the difference-Love is alive-Don’t listen to them when they say, “Your just a fool-Just a fool-To believe you can change the world…”

In every situation there is a positive outcome, you just have to be willing to open your eyes and see it. God will provide, not just to the wealthy, not just to Americans, not just to the pure of heart, or the most faithful of followers. He loves each of His children equally and He is a just God. God is using OUR soldiers to better the world! The smallest things can TRULY make ALL of the difference.

To all our soldiers fighting for our freedom and allowing themselves to be used by the Lord, “DON’T listen to them when they, Your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world.” You CAN change the world

If anyone wants to make donations to our soldiers or even just send them a letter, please contact me. A simple note will surely, “make all the difference!”

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